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John Deere’s 6R Series Tractors

Since their launch in 2011, John Deere’s 6R Series tractors have set standards in both field and transport performance as well as precision ag technology. With 14 new generation models from 110 to 250hp announced this month, these tractors have become even smarter to help operators achieve even more.

Mona Tractor Company Limited
Mona Tractor Company Limited

In addition, fourbrand new models include the four-cylinder 6R 150, aimed particularly at mixed farms, and the six-cylinder 6R 185, a specialist transport tractor for farmers and contractors who spend more time on the road.

A key new 6R Series feature is the integrated 1-Click-Go AutoSetup system, which makes tractor and implement settings much quicker and easier. The operator can save up to 90 per cent of display clicks in the field and the tractor is always perfectly adjusted.

All the required settings can be pre-planned and managed in the cloud, including agronomic data such as field boundaries, guidance lines and prescriptions. Once the tractor crosses the field boundary, the stored profile is automatically available and even temporary drivers can be consistently accurate and avoid mistakes.

While AutoSetup makes the driver’s life easier, John Deere has also increased operator comfort. Among other features, the dashboard behind the steering wheel has disappeared – this not only improves forward visibility, but also operator control using the armrest and right-hand console. All settings and indicators are provided on the corner post display.