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We know how important parts availability is for our customers, that’s why we keep a huge amount of stock at our three depots, wherever you are in North Wales you’re never too far away from one of our parts stores.

Mona Tractor Company Limited

Watch this video to see how the John Deere parts distribution network works

New & Remanufactured Parts and Components

John Deere has been remanufacturing parts and components for more than 20 years. During the remanufacturing process, failed and worn parts are replaced with original parts and then inspected and tested to original performance specifications.
It’s an environmentally friendly repair alternative for increased uptime and performance, while lowering operational costs.

Mona Tractor Company Limited

Now all digital – John Deere Parts Catalogue

Experience our new user-friendly parts catalogue online. Browse more than 1,000 parts and attachments in clearly laid out tables with product images and corresponding series and part numbers. Then order directly via click & collect.

View The Catalogue Here

Alternative Parts

Alternatives by John Deere are your best parts choice for machines that do not experience the high-intensity use of your primary equipment. All parts from this competitively priced product line go through a John Deere certification process that ensures they will always fit better than parts from other manufacturers.

Mona Tractor Company Limited

Your Parts: right now

That promise starts with the parts source that is closest to you: your local John Deere dealership and their total service commitment to you. The rest gets taken care of by an unstoppable logistics operation and our massive European parts warehouse, where more than 300,000 different parts are readily available for delivery next-day.

We stock more than 300,000 different parts here – everything from a knife bolt to a 10.7 m combine auger. Our advanced logistics and packaging systems can ship a next-day delivery order a mere 2 hours after it came in.

Our teams make sure that parts shipped from our extensive network of warehouses and depots in Europe and the U.S. get delivered as promised. In some cases, that even means flash fulfilment directly from factories.

Aftersales / Services

We offer a range of service, parts and aftermarket support options, all focused and have the passion and desire to exceed your expectations in giving first-class customer support.

Our aftersales staff, many of whom benefit from many years experience, have a wealth of industry knowledge coupled with an ethos of welcoming new technologies.

Our service technicians are expertly trained so that they can work on the equipment we provide. Apart from maintain and servicing the equipment our technicians can also:

  • Dynamometer testing
  • Service and repair Air conditioning
  • LOLER loader and forklift testing
  • Perform Expert checks on John Deere equipment
  • Trailer brake tests
  • Reel sharpening
  • Chainsaw sharpening
  • Ultrasonic parts cleaning

Powergard and Powergard Plus

PowerGard Maintenance is an agreement with your John Deere dealer to do all the maintenance work on the machine according to the service schedule in the operator’s manual.

PowerGard Protection is a contract with John Deere to cover the cost of repairs. It must be bought with a PowerGard Maintenance plan

There are two versions -

  • PowerGard Protection = Limited Powertrain coverage
  • PowerGard Protection Plus = Comprehensive coverage

PowerGard Maintenance and Protection help you to budget for your machinery running costs.

GreenShield Protection for Used equipment

GreenShield protects your investment should the machine encounter any problems outside of the standard manufacturer’s warranty period.

Select the level of protection to satisfy your requirements – GreenShield Power or GreenShield Plus.

Choose from 3 – 24 months protection.

Precision Farming with MyJohnDeere Operation Centre

With the Operations Centre on you always have your farm in your pocket. It is easy to use and connects you with your machines, fields and operators.

You can get all your information sent directly to your mobile via the John Deere App.

Precision agriculture can considerably reduce fuel consumption and excess application of inputs such as fertiliser and chemicals, for more sustainable farming. It allows you to optimise your inputs of seed, fertiliser, chemicals and more, to meet the individual needs of your fields and maximise crop yields.

Smart farming technologies provide valuable management information on machine usage and inputs for greater transparency on costs and better decision-making.

Thorough Examination – Loler Testing

The purpose of the Thorough Examination is to protect both operators and others working in the vicinity of lifting operations who might be at risk if the lifting equipment fails.

  1. 1. Improving safety by ensuring your equipment is in good working order
  2. 2. Extending the life of expensive equipment and machinery
  3. 3. Reducing the cost of sickness payments and the inconvenience of losing key staff
  4. 4. Reducing insurance premiums and legal costs
  5. 5. Improving productivity
  6. 6. Reducing the risk of enforcement action and its associated costs (inspection by HSE, fines, etc.)
  7. 7. Helping ensure equipment is available at key times

How to stay productive… and on the right side of the law

Thorough Examinations should not be confused with preventive maintenance or scheduled services. A Thorough Examination and inspection carries legal requirements under both LOLER and PUWER, and can only be conducted by a trained engineer that has been deemed a Competent Person.

Expert Checks for all your John Deere Machines.

Our comprehensive technical inspection doesn't miss a thing. It's how we make sure that your machine is available when you need it.

We check all fluid levels, potential leaks and unexpected wear that may cause high follow-up costs for damage repair.

Our experts will find anything that could be a hazard to your safety. That includes both a thorough wear check of the trailer coupling bolt and a check of the PTO safety circuit.

Services Available.

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